Days 2 & 3

  • Day: 2
  • Started at: North Inn, Pendeen
  • Finished at: Trevalgan, nr St Ives
  • Miles: 12
  • Miles from LE: 24
  • Duration: 8hrs (9:00-17:00)
  • Trig points visited: 0
  • Ales imbibed: 0

Packed up a very dew soaked tent and set off to Pendeen Watch with a sore throat ☹️.

Morning shadow
Morning shadow

An uneventful day on the whole, lots of reminiscing of the Rockhopper trip to Cornwall last year. Revisited a short stretch in the opposite direction from Bosigran to Zennor. Weather very similar – warm sun with a nice cooling breeze. The ups and downs between Gurnard’s Head and Carn Naun Point got a bit tiresome towards the end of the day and I had already done a mental inventory of what I could potentially live without- a lighter bag does mean more enjoyment and not less ‘comfort’. Arrived at Trevalgan and my goodness me, the facilities were closer to a spa hotel than the campsites I’ve become accustomed to. For example last night’s shower was in the corridor between the bar and the pub garden/smoker’s shelter. It was a cold shower, not particularly clean, had people traipsing right outside the door and the smoke wafted in just when you thought you were clean. At Trevalgan it was immaculate (you could eat off any of the surfaces), there was underfloor heating, a hairdryer….you get the idea – chalk and cheese. And I very much appreciated this cheese(!). Although they had no licence to sell beer I did buy some local bacon.

  • Day: 3
  • Started at: Trevalgan
  • Finished at: Churchtown Farm, Gwithian
  • Miles: 13
  • Miles from LE: 37
  • Duration: 7hrs (9:30-16:30)
  • Trig points visited: 0
  • Ales imbibed: Porthbud, Bude x 1.5

Woke up with a stinking cold…harrumph, ah well I guess I’ll just walk it off. Was sent on my way from Trevalgan with a fresh pain au chocolat and demi-baguette which were very welcome. I headed straight for St Ives Post Office and forward posted on to Bude about 1.9kg worth of kit – if I then don’t need it I’ll post it home from Bude, but this way I have options. Ooh the inclines and declines were definitely easier, I could get used to this. The rest of today’s walk came into view and it looked like a lovely pleasant strole along the beach:

Carbis Bay
Carbis Bay

Well, not all was as it seemed.I snuck past the first headland just before the tide, but the Hayle Estuary gets in the way before the next bay. It was very low tide and the estuary looked so tame; ‘surely I can just take my boots off and wade the 5-6meters of shallow water?’. Well apparently there are dangerous strong currents and quick sand, so I took the delightful 3 mile detour through a bit of industrial estate, across a dual carriageway and past other suburban landmarks in order to end up a stone’s throw from where I started. The rest of the day was along the beach so I decided to let my feet breathe, they sighed an almost audible sigh of relief- they’d been let out!

Bare feet in the sand and sea, aaah.
Bare feet in the sand and sea, aaah.

Arrived at Gwithian over the dunes and have headed to the local ‘PH’. Today was mostly flat and either tarmac or sand which was drastically different from Sunday and Monday, let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Author: lhwood1

I enjoy a good walk and so I decided to go on quite a long walk from Lands End to John O'Groats this summer. You'll be able to keep up with my progress through this blog.

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